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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Back to the Future

3001thefinalodysseyEven though 3001: The Final Odyssey was published in 1997, many of Clarke’s predictions seem plausible, though no one can really know for sure unless they live to see it.

For those without a basic understanding of science, the book does not get too technical, other than in a few instances. The language is simple enough for readers to be awed by what the future might be like.

For those interested in science and technology, Clarke manages to paint a very believable picture of what the future might be like. Because his predictions are rooted in existing technological advances, the universe he creates seems quite real.

However, Clarke’s insight into relationships, thought processes and philosophies is lacking. He simplifies things too much.

Clarke does not describe human relationships in any detail. He just breezes through his3001 marriage to Indra, and the birth of his children and grandchildren. We don’t get any idea of the impact of all that technology and standard of living will have on human relationships. Or maybe he’s trying to imply that in the future he’s painted, relationships will not be worth much.

Many of the problems faced in the world today are dealt with too simplistically. Clarke wants us to believe that in a millennium there will be only two religious belief systems – Theism and Deism – that have a very subtle distinction. It seems a little incredulous that a population that will have increased by at least ten fold will be so harmoniously divided into two religions.

Faults aside, Clarke does manage to give readers quite a realistic peek into what the world might be like a millennium into the future.

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Jerusha Chande


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  3. Is the book a continuation of the previous books i.e 2001, 2010 and 2016 or is this an independent book in itself?

  4. @Preetam: yes it is... it is the last book in CLarke's entire series...

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